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Clean For You provides nothing short of the best quality professional bathroom cleaning services available anywhere, including detailed toilet cleaning and close attention to this area so that you get a clean toilet on every visit. Our detailed toilet cleaning services will not only guarantee you a clean toilet on every visit, but leave your entire bathroom from tub to tile sparkling and fresh. Clean For You can accommodate any of your bathroom cleaning requirements, paying close attention to details like your shower tile and grout cleaning.

Our services

  • Shower Screen Cleaning & Shower Recess Scrubbed
  • Fittings & Glasses Cleaning
  • Bathtub Rinsed & Left Shining
  • Toilets, Basins & Vanity Scrubbed (Including Base & Behind)
  • Mirrors Cleaning & Polishing
  • Exhaust Fans, Light Switches & Door Frames Scrubbing & Cleaning
Tile & grout cleaning service Melbourne