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Car Interior Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Our car seat cleaning service was designed with safety in mind. We handle your car seats with the utmost care and attention to ensure the safety and integrity of each seat. Our knowledgeable staff of Certified Safety Technicians can professionally re-install and provide instructions for reinstalling your car seat to ensure the highest standards of car seat safety for your children. Dirty seats in the cars will be mostly noticed when buying a used second hand car.

Downsizing the conventional methods of car cleaning, a faster and innovative way of cleaning is brought to function. Car Interior Steam Cleaning in Melbourne has taken its pace and that all for good reasons. Car Seat Cleaning in Melbourne retains the moisture of seat, its fabrication and rehydration. The corners, clits and unparallel designs in the interior of car which could not be easily cleaned, are now an easy reach. Without any harm, all kinds of stickiness, grease, filth, dirt could easily be escaped by our expert car steam cleaning. The professionals have their hands mastered to give you convenience of keeping your cars free from chemicals and sound new.

We highly recommend to have them cleaned by us, to make sure you drive with as clean as new seats free of dirt, grime, foul odors and germs.

Car Seat Cleaning Melbourne

Car Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Our first step in steam cleaning your car is to take out the floor mats and open the front and the back doors. The next step in this regard, is to perform the complete vacuuming of the interior part of the car.
We start by using the vacuum cleaner on the floor mats which will help you to remove the built-up dirt and dust. We start using the steam cleaner by pouring the upholstery cleaning liquid into it. We put the steam cleaner on and move the upholstery attachment inside the car's interior.

We will make sure that you cover the entire area of the car's interior which includes the area under the seats, floors, floorboards as well as the upholstery part in the car's trunk area as well.
Then we follow carpet extraction process i.e. The carpeted areas of the car require deep cleaning which can be easily performed by making use of the triangular brush of the steam cleaner. After the steam cleaning process has been completed, we leave your car in a shaded area with the windows rolled down.
This will allow the interior of the car to dry completely and once the interior has dried up, you can lock the doors.

Car Interior Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Car seat Cleaning Special
Car Seat & Steam cleaned and from $75
If stain is more or the condition is worst, additional price will be applicable accordingly.
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