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Melbourne Carpet Dry Cleaning

At Clean For You Melbourne, we understand that for some our customers prefer cheap carpet dry cleaning Melbourne to clean their carpets which look as low pile. This method is best suited to commercials, shops or businesses. Despite the fact that we offer this carpet dry cleaning method as an alternative to steam cleaning. The dry carpet cleaning method is not to be considered as a substitute for carpet steam cleaning Melbourne every time. It's a best way to maintain your expensive carpets between carpet cleaning schedule and actually handy in cold winter months, as your carpet can take longer drying time. Melbourne carpet dry cleaning method is not recommended for residential carpet cleaning as this method may not clean your carpet from inside out.

Our Process for Melbourne carpet dry cleaning

  • Our Melbourne carpet dry cleaning process begins with a walk through and full inspection is done before any cleaning we start off.
  • Then our experts pre-spray dry cleaning solution your carpets and apply a spot remover solution where ever required.
  • We softly and gently work up with a rotary machine on your carpet to untie the dirt, dust and debris from the carpet fibre.
  • This process is also known as the bonnet dry cleaning method.
  • Afterwards, we attach an absorbent pad to the rotary machine to soak up the dirt, dust and moisture from the carpet fibre.
  • Our experts then comb, untangle or rake the carpet as a final stage of cleaning. This will restore the natural look of your carpet.
  • This method leaves the carpet a little damp and your carpet dries up within an hour or two to be at your service.

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