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Floor CLEANING Melbourne

With advanced laboratories and extensive field experience, Clean For You has developed superior programs and regimens to care for a variety of floor surfaces including marble, vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile and wood. The result Enhanced floor protection, slip resistance and appearance. With our professional hardwood floor cleaning and waxing services, you'll find that it's easy to maintain and preserve your floors.

Property owners and managers can extend the life of their floor with a routine floor maintenance schedule. Even if your floor is old, we can help it look like new. Hard floor surfaces such as vinyl, ceramic, stone, tile and wood each call for specific products and methods of care to maintain the best possible appearance for your facility.

Firstly, we sweep the floor with a soft-bristled broom and determine what kind of hardwood finish your floor has. Secondly, we clean the floor as needed and choose the right cleaning agent. We dilute your chosen cleaning agent in a bucket of water and mop your floor.
Then, we spot-clean tough areas with a cloth and a touch of odorless mineral spirits. We use the mop to soak excess liquid off the floor and rinse the floor with the clean mop. At last, we buff the floor dry with terry cloth (optional).